Terms & Conditions

The following terms constitute a binding agreement between RHYME & REASON and the CLIENT, pertaining to the access and use of RHYME & REASON’s website and the professional translating services this provides. The access to and use of this website and Services presumes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with the Terms & Conditions, please abandon the present website.

CLIENT refers to an individual or legal entity participating in the present agreement and assigning their texts for translation in a specific language combination (s).

RHYME& REASON refers to the translation agency.

TRANSLATION refers to the text’s verbalization in the requested language by a human translator.

TEXT refers to the material sent electronically by the CLIENT to RHYME & REASON and which shall constitute the object of the following services.

DELIVERABLE refers to the final, translated version of the Material, supplied to the CLIENT by RHYME & REASON.

The CLIENT guarantees that the sent Material is of high quality and does not contain spelling or typographical errors.

The CLIENT guarantees that they hold the copyright for the sent Material or that they have been authorized to translate the Material they shall send to RHYME& REASON.

The CLIENT guarantees that they shall not use any device, software or code to interfere with the correct operation of the website or affect the website in an inimical or contagious way.

All regular applications for the provision of Services is referred to as an “Order”.

RHYME & REASON shall rectify any wrong translations, omissions, typographical and grammatical errors free of charge. The CLIENT agrees that RHYME & REASON bears no responsibility or obligation pertaining to translations errors, unless the Company receives a written notification on these within two (2) days from the presentation of the Deliverable to the CLIENT. RHYME & REASON’s only obligation in reference to these errors shall be to correct them at no expense to the CLIENT’.

Texts shall be delivered to the CLIENT in the same format as the original or in the form requested, if this is possible. RHYME & REASON shall notify the CLIENT by email, which shall contain the translated file. If, within two (2) days from the date of delivery the CLIENT fails to proceed to the submission of any comments or remarks it shall be deemed that the translation has been approved by the CLIENT and RHYME & REASON shall proceed to the final stage of charging the CLIENT’.

The following services: Interpretation, Dubbing, Subtitling, Copy-editing & Proof-reading, Graphic Arts, Website Design and localization necessitate a meeting (appointment) with the CLIENT, unless the CLIENT is located outwith Greece, in which case the collaboration takes place via the Internet or by use of a courier service.

The CLIENT shall veraciously fill in the “Order Form” with the details required by RHYME & REASON, which shall use these details for its archives and process them for the realization of the transaction with the CLIENT’.

The CLIENT must fill in a new “Order Form” for each new type of service requested from RHYME & REASON.

When no credit agreement has been reached between RHYME & REASON and the CLIENT, payment shall be made via Credit Card, upon registration of the order.

If a credit agreement has been reached between RHYME & REASON and the CLIENT, the CLIENT shall pay RHYME & REASON for all agreed services within ten (10) days from the delivery of RHYME & REASON’s invoice, usually sent to the CLIENT by RHYME & REASON via email, courier or post.

If RHYME & REASON must use the services of a legal company, lawyer or collection agency in order to help receive payment by the CLIENT, the CLIENT agrees to pay RHYME & REASON the full cost and the commissions the Company was charge for these services.

RHYME & REASON bears no responsibility for any accidental or consequent damages or losses of any type, nor for any claim by the CLIENT or any third party resulting from or relevant to the services offered by RHYME & REASON. RHYME & REASON bears no responsibility for any losses or damages or for returning the Material. RHYME & REASON’s maximum responsibility against the CLIENT in all cases, with the exemption of those concerning death or personal injury, shall be limited to the value of the Order. If the CLIENT breaches the present Agreement, RHYME & REASON may immediately terminate the project, while the CLIENT must pay the full value of purchase provided for in the present for completed services and for the full project under development.

All rights, deeds and interests pertaining to the Material and the Deliverables, with the exemption of the following, as well as all patents, copyright, know-how an trade secrets within remain the sole and excusive property of the CLIENT. Despite the above, the CLIENT recognizes that RHYME & REASON is the sole and excusive holder of all rights, deeds and interests and all methodologies, information, software and databases use for the translation of the Source Material (s). The same holds for all inventions, methodologies, innovations, technologies and databases developed by that RHYME & REASON during the translation of the Source Text, including any and all patents, copyright, know-how an trade secrets within.

RHYME & REASON provides services to enterprises, individuals and in general all persons who have completed their 18th year of age and are of sound mind. If you are below the age limit, please refrain from using RHYME & REASON’s services. RHYME & REASON may refuse to serve a CLIENT if they are untrustworthy in the Company’s opinion.

The CLIENT may wish to inform RHYME & REASON before the commencement of the project that its content is confidential (project confidentiality).

The CLIENT may ask for a translation by submitting the Material to the website. RHYME & REASON is not responsible for the rectification of any errors or omissions in the Material.

Due to the complexity of the human language and the possibility of a number of different translations of specific words and phrases, certain restrictions apply to translation. For this reason, RHYME & REASON recommends that the CLIENT studies and confirms the translation, while bearing no responsibility on the exactness thereof.

In no case does RHYME & REASON bear any responsibility as to indirect, specific, accidental, financial or consequent damage resulting from the use of Services, including, but not limited to, loss or damage pertaining to profit, operations, good faith, data, business interruption or other monetary loss.

RHYME & REASON shall refuse to translate material that is defamatory, obscene, breaches any institutional or regulatory obligation or is deemed in any way inappropriate by RHYME& REASON. RHYME & REASON’s decision is final and binding on all matters.

The CLIENT shall reimburse, indemnify and absolve RHYME & REASON, its owners, managers, executives, vendors, employees, representatives, agents, internal and external associates, and successors from all types of loss, damage, cost and expenses. These expenses include reasonable legal expenses that arise from or are pertain to any appeal, demand or claim based in the implementation of present Agreement by either contracting part, from the CLIENT’s violation of the contracts, from representations and guarantees the CLIENT made in the present, from the manufacture, publicity, promotion, sale or distribution of any objects by the CLIENT, from any taxes and duties, contributions, or similar fees that could be imposed by any government or collective authority.

If the CLIENT breaches this Agreement, RHYME & REASON may cancel this, and the CLIENT will pay the complete purchase value provided according to this document regarding completed services and the entire project under development. If RHYME & REASON breaches the present Agreement, the CLIENT may cancel it. Subsequently RHYME & REASON shall return to the CLIENT all the Source Materials and the data it was provided with by the CLIENT. The Company shall also deliver all the text translations realized at the date of cancellation while the CLIENT shall pay the complete purchase value provided according to this document regarding completed services and the entire project under development. RHYME & REASON may not be considered having breached or violated any provision of the present AGREEMENT because of delays or failures in implementation because of force majeure.

RHYME & REASON reserves all rights not explicitly referred to in the present.

In case any disputes arising from the use of RHYME & REASON’s website to be resolved at court, these shall be exclusively submitted to the arbitration of the Courts of Athens and shall be subject to Greek law.